Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to avoid being a lazy person and be creative and leave happily and peacefully

How to avoid lazyness and be creative leave happily and peacefully

To leave happily and peacefully a person has to overcome certain interpersonal deficiencies. One of the most common deficiency is the laziness or procastination.  A person becomes lazy due to several reason, however the most common thing is that if the person do not get right amount of sound sleep then he is bound to become a lazy person.

So to avoid being a lazy person he must try to get sound sleep of sufficient duration which is almost 7-8 hours.

Sound sleep depends on various things and sleep patern can be disturbed due to many reasons.

Watching TV sould be stopped at least  1 hour before going to bed. It has been found that watching TV before going to bed have serious effect on the sleep patern.

Excersing before going to bed is also to avoided

strong light should not be in the room.

Another thing that hampers the sleep pattern is the lack of exercise. One should exercise sufficiently daily to remain maintain health and good sleep. Only some Aerobics, free handexercises and pranayama will be suficient.
There is no need for training from Aerobics experts and any types of aerobics can be practised for that.

For freehand exercise only two waterfilled 2liter waterbottle is sufficient.

For pranayama the following methode can be practised for 10 to 15 mins per day preferably in the morning.

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