Monday, March 11, 2013

Managing tension for peaceful and happy life

Tension management

Tension happens to every body, along with  some  serious side effects  which attacks our mind and body.
The only way to avoid tension is to learn how to  manage tension.

So first of all we will see what are the causes that creates tension.

1.Fear of unknown 

2.Fear of known consequences and unable to find the solution to avoid the consequence.

I will discuss the above two in detail before that we require to mention the third counterpart also as mentiooned below.

If we dont uproot the very cause that creates the tension then  the tension will be recurrent or chronic, it will cause tension again and again         No medicine, no meditation can remove the tension. So in that case only way is to remove the very cause which is very often found to be the homework.

So the solution is doing the homework beforehand. This will alleviate our tension in a great way,and procastinating  will cause the tension to return frequently. We have to do our homework beforehand as well as possible.

1.Fear of unknown 

Fear of unknown is the greatest major source of tension. We bocome tensed by worrying that what will happen if this happens or other thing.

If we want to avoid to be tensed and be relaxed when the situation is out of our control we need to find out the consequence if possible and be prepared and this will limit the tension.

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