Monday, March 11, 2013

Living peacefully and happily by anger management

Anger management:-

 Without control over ones anger is sufficient to breake the peace and ruin the happy life so managing anger is the most crucial part.  For some people anger managing is very difficult and for some people anger seems to be an alien thing. However in general most of us feel angry at some times.

We will concentrate here how to manage  anger in particular situations that causes anger.

If we consider the following things at the unfavourable situations then the anger might be controlled to some extent, however to control it fully it requires practice.

Consider the Times news quote that says "The people who looks back angrily to their past life suffers the most".

It is not always true that the people who looks angrily to their past life do it  wishingly, but the real fact is somewhat different. The real fact is that they cannot control themselves,even when they knows the consequences also. The problem lies deep inside them, in fact the problem started right from their childhood,the begining 2 to 12 years of their life. It depends the quality of their life during that child hood period. If the child is raised in an environment where there is no love or affection for the child and most of the beaten ,scolded or insulted then the nature of the child transforms totaly and an angry young man  takes birth. Violence, rudeness,impoliteness lack of manner everything is deeply rooted inside them which are very hard to take out of  them by themselves or by others.

The behaviour of this type of people is like as they were treated by their family members during their childhood. However they are sufferers of the sufferers. So only grudges to the parents would not solve the problem.It will be the more intelligent way  to forgive them and find out the ways to heal the wounds. Because taking revenge against them also would not solve your problem nor you will be able to change your behaviour. The only thing that will help in this situation is to find out the right way. Louis L Hay in her book "You Can Heal Your Life" has described it very well and the possible remedies also described there very well in a lucid manner, so that one can find the right way in his life.
First of all they should know the correct behaviour to the other people and then only they can change themselves.

Here the rules that are follwed in general comes into picture,and it will indirectly help managing the anger but if followed genuinly will give extraordinary good result.

1.Practicing good manner
2.Soft Skills

Although practising these two will not manage your anger but it will prevent the situation of generation of anger and will maintain a  peacefull environment.

In the next post we will discuss about the 1.Practising good manner and  2. Soft skills

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