Monday, March 11, 2013

How to live peacefully and happily

Living smart way is simply a way out of living peacefully and happily. Peace and happy  are the words that we want to get everybody,however most of the times they seems to be very elusive. The two words although look very simple and seems to be very easily available however only the sufferers know the reality, that these two cannot be easily gained irrespective of the prosperity level. Wealth can get things,  services not the peace . Simple people may be able to live peacefully and happily forever until they  face the critical situations,the real world.

To be able to live peacefully and happily have itself many steps, a person have to cross many steps and requires  many steps to cross. We shall assume that they have crossed the general steps and and only the following steps are required to cross.

Step 1. Managing the self.
Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with SponsoredReviews.comStep 2. Managing the others.

Although I am not going to discuss here neither the  management theories nor the politics  and to live peacefully and happily one need not  become a management guru however as the saying goes

 “Man is by nature a social animal" so we have to live amongst the people.

And side by side

 "man is a political animal" also.

So whatever be our intelligence level we sometimes (as the situation the situation demands) have to behave like politician (i.e diplomatic) also.

So what is peace that we are lookig for in this blog?

It is the ways to be non violent in mind and also in behaviour, the ways to avoid or to create situation where there is no fear of violence or conflict.

Certain human characteristics disturbs the peace, here we will identify them and try to eleminate them one by one.
In doing so we will first manage ourselves. My next posts follows about Managing the self

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