Saturday, March 16, 2013

Managing others to live happily and peacefully

Managing others to live happily and peacefully

 Sometimes it becomes very necessary to control others for maintaining peace or happiness . At least managing the event also can be helpful for maintaining peace or happiness at certain times.Managing other people requires some control  over own feeling and emotions. Focus should be always on problem solving rather than own emotions. Importance of own emotions should be neglected to some extend if not fully. "Thinking with brain not with heart" is the main key.

Here also the basic things needs to be maintained.
Control your emotions such as anger,sorrow,insult,tension and keep the cool, these things requires a little bit practise to work well in the actual field or in real life.

Then comes the rules to manage others.

Everybody is fond of praise and dislikes insults or citicism, To get favour or influence someone genuine praise will do a lot.
If sometimes requires criticising the enemies of the person you want to control will help.
Treat the person as special.The level of praise matters,sudden increase in praise may cause suspicion.
Always think in his terms and act accordingly. Beware of unnecessary frequent praising.

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