Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to avoid Altercation or argument for happy and peacefull life

How to avoid  Altercation/argument

It is always better to avoid an argument. However to maintain peace and happiness it is extrmely necessary,whether it is at home, at office or any where else. Avoiding argument is not only necessary for maintaining peace or happiness but also it gives added advantage in some places. Avoiding argument by means of keeping mum yourself for the time being or changing topics for the time being does not mean that you agree with your counterpart, but it is a startegy to duel in the same matter at different situation at different mood. An argument can never be won and all the disputes are generated from this argument. But how to avoid the argument.

1.Control your anger.Keep your cool
2. Respect opponents views and you can cut down the risk of developing the argument by 90%.
3.Judge the loss and benefits of the argument, i.e the consequences of the argument.
4. During conversation avoid using insulting or harsh words which hurts others ego or sentiment.
   If the insulting or harsh words are used against your opponent chances are that                               there would develope some destructive argument sooner or later.
5.Talking in the terms of the opponents help reduce the intensity of the situation.
6. Keep mum during controversial discussions such as religion ,politics etc. 
7.Keeping mum if you disagree .
8.Dont be impulsive   


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