Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Soft skills for happy and peacefull life

2. Soft skills

The soft skills will act as a bonding agent between relationships instead of breaking agent which is seen in case of rude behavioured beople. This will help building goold relationship amongst  people and good relationship have its own reward.

Learning soft skills and practising it to a level when they'll become a natural  reflex while dealing with people everyday will have tremendously help, reducing the hot situations where brawling or fighting would become inevitable, and side by side people  power also increases in this way and the feel good factor will start to grow.

How to do it ?
Basic rules are are to be followed

1. Respect them all irrespective of age , gender or class.

While talking to anybody keeping in mind the  above mentioned rule will always help.

In case of your enemy if not possible to respect them atleast don't disrespect them.

2. Don't hurt others ego

3.Treating  every people as special  will take you a long way.

4.Never think about harmful things about others,because your ill thoughts may come out at anytime while you are talking to others and this can be used by others against you.  

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